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Survive the Nights download PC

Survive the Nights download released on PC is a multiplayer sandbox survival simulator featuring hordes of zombies. Focusing on realism, the creators were inspired by the best features from other titles of this genre and polished them in their own game. This is a debut-production by a2z(Interactive) studio, composed of members who first met together in Grand Theft Auto IV, and created one of the game’s most popular servers after Minecraft was released.


The action takes place on a huge map composed of a number of islands, each having over 100 square kilometres. Arriving on one of them, the players have to face hordes of zombies and fulfil their characters’ basic needs. In Survive the Nights download, the main objective is to, well, survive the night. The gameplay is divided into two separate stages. During the day, the player focuses on exploration and searching for water, food, weapons, and items, which can be used to fortify their shelter. When it gets dark, the main objective is to stay alive and kill everything that wants you dead.

In contrast to other titles from this genre, it is not possible to construct buildings in Survive the Nights download. However, the player can make use of those, which are already there and turn them into a shelter/magazine combination, and strengthen them with items found on the island (boards, planks, plates, furniture, etc.). Vehicles play a crucial role in the game – you can use them in order get somewhere or transport something (given it is not damaged and does not require repairing). The title features a crafting system, which enables combining numerous items into unique weapons and tools. Also, the player can use it in order to combine and modify parts of vehicles and devices collected before.

By design, the game features a large dose of realistic survival elements. Therefore, it is vital to fulfil the character’s basic needs systematically. Otherwise, the hero will grow tired, which results in slow pace of moving, decreased shooting accuracy, and lower weight capacity. Food can be acquired in a number of ways: you can hunt game, set traps, fish, gather blueberries and other edible plants, or even grow them yourself. As the title features not only a day and night system, but also changing seasons, it is important to keep the character warm (by setting up bonfires or, while indoors, turning the heating system on). Mental condition also plays an important role – killing people exerts a negative impact on the main character; progressively, their sight begins to deteriorate, hands shake, and strange visions appear.

During gameplay, the hero gains experience and develops skills through repeating the same action. The more you hunt, set traps, shoot, and fortify shelters, the better you are with these.

Technical aspects

The title utilises the power of Unity 3D, which translates into decent visuals. The game emphasises cooperation, coexistence, and rivalry between multiple players on the same map. Your progress is reflected in online rankings and achievement lists. Voice chat in Survive the Nights download for PC is quite peculiar, as it only communicates the players in a close proximity. Long distance communication can be established with walkie-talkies and CB radios.

Survive the Nights download PC_Setup.exe

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How to Install?

  1. Click on “Download Game” button.
  2. Download “Survive the Nights download PC” Installer (Supports Resumable Downloads).
  3. Open the Installer, Click Next and choose the directory where to Install.
  4. Let it Download Full Version game in your specified directory.
  5. Open the Game and Enjoy Playing.
  6. If you feel any problem in running Survive the Nights download PC, then feel free to comment down below.

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