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Final Fantasy X HD download PC

Final Fantasy X HD download is an enhanced edition of tenth entry in Final Fantasy – the most popular jRPG series, started at the end of eighties. Originally it was released for PlayStation 2 in 2001 as first game of the series for this platform, developed since 1999 by Square studio (currently Square Enix) and supervised by Motomu Toriyama, who also took part in creation of future parts of the series, including Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy XIII. An HD version was prepared by Square Enix’s developing team.


The story of Final Fantasy X HD download takes us to fantasy world of Spira. The main hero, Tidus, is a young and promising playmaker of Blitzball sport game. His home town gets attacked by powerful creature known as Sin, and then Tidus suddenly finds himself in an unknown environment, trying to understand where he is and how he can come back home. He soon joins young priestess, Yuna, in her pilgrimage; her task being defeating Sin.

Game mechanics

As players explore three-dimensional world (which was novelty in the series back at the beginning of 2000’s), they observe it from third-person perspective and take part in turn-based battles. Our teammates posses various skills and magical or physical attacks, which can be improved as we progress through the game and unlock upgrades at special board for skills. As always in Final Fantasy, players can also summon powerful creatures (unsurprisingly known as summons), while the equipment consists of many kinds of weapon (each character can only use a certain type) and accessories that affect heroes’ statistics.

Technical aspects

An HD reedition of Final Fantasy X for PC, PS4 and etc. offers improved textures and three-dimensional models, adjusted for high resolutions. Additionally, quality of cutscenes has been enhanced as well.

Final Fantasy X HD download PC_Setup.exe

here for free:


How to Install?

  1. Click on “Download Game” button.
  2. Download “Final Fantasy X HD download PC” Installer (Supports Resumable Downloads).
  3. Open the Installer, Click Next and choose the directory where to Install.
  4. Let it Download Full Version game in your specified directory.
  5. Open the Game and Enjoy Playing.
  6. If you feel any problem in running Final Fantasy X HD download PC, then feel free to comment down below.

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