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Bloodborne: The Old Hunters download PC

Bloodborne: The Old Hunters download is the first DLC for the popular action RPG game Bloodborne for PS4. The game was released in March 2015 and has sold over 2 million copies. The expansion was first announced during Tokyo Game Show in 2015, together with the release date of the Japanese version. Moreover, the first teaser was presented during the aforementioned event. The creator of the game – From Software – is the studio behind the Dark Souls and Armored Core series. The core game is required to play the expansion. The expansion set is included in Bloodborne: The Old Hunters download Edition. Besides, it can be bought online as a separate DLC.


The DLC features a brand new adventure which tells the story of hunters who used to watch over the secrets of Byrgenwerth and unveils new facts about the Bloodborne world thanks to NPC players met throughout the adventure.


To start the new adventure, players are required to do the following: defeat the boss in the Cathedral Ward and check the altar in the back of the location to change the game's time of day to night-time. Next, they have to return to Hunter's Dream to collect the Eye of a Blood-Drunk Hunter from a messenger and go to the Oedon Chapel to leave it through the left exit. When the players reach the square, they should go right to trigger a cut-scene and find themselves in Hunter's Nightmare. To move between this place and Hunter's Dream the players have to light the lantern and use the Awaking Headstone.

The expansion pack for PS4 features hordes of enemies including new powerful bosses such as Ludwig, Orphan of Kos, Lady Maria of the Astral Clocktower, Living Failures and Laurence. What's more, the expansion pack offers new weapons such as Amygdalan Arm, Beasthunter Saif, Beast Cutter, Bloodletter, Boom Hammer, Church Pick, Holy Moonlight Sword, Kos Parasite, Rakuyo, Simon's Bowblade, Whirligig Saw, Church Cannon, Fist of Gratia, Gatling Gun, Piercing Rifle, Loch Shield, and Blacksky Eye.

Bloodborne: The Old Hunters download PC_Setup.exe

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How to Install?

  1. Click on “Download Game” button.
  2. Download “Bloodborne: The Old Hunters download PC” Installer (Supports Resumable Downloads).
  3. Open the Installer, Click Next and choose the directory where to Install.
  4. Let it Download Full Version game in your specified directory.
  5. Open the Game and Enjoy Playing.
  6. If you feel any problem in running Bloodborne: The Old Hunters download PC, then feel free to comment down below.

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